How to connect with your Inner Child

Heal the deep psychological wounds & Unleash your true potential to live limitlessly

This is a self-transformation journey to understand & embrace our Inner Child. Connecting with the inner child bridges our gap to our highest potential and allows us to break away from self-sabotaging patterns. We can access high levels of creativity, joy, success and experience true freedom.

We have an opportunity to reactivate our playfulness, inquisitiveness, innocence which leads to everlasting happiness & fulfillment. Healing ourselves is very empowering as a parent. Our children will not be victims of our inner hurt child. This opens up a whole new dimension of parent-child connection.

This connectedness acts as a guiding light for children. They are inspired to achieve their highest best in all areas of life like health, relationship, self-growth & career. It feels like we are born again as a new person & this new individual has great potential to be a nurturing parent.

In this book you will get to know

  • the reality of inner hurt child  
  • hurt inner child symptoms  
  • damage that it can cause to us & to our children  
  • benefits of healing hurt inner child  
  • tips to initiate inner child transformation 

This book is for anyone who wants to

  • create a life of joy, intensity & wonder 
  • live fearlessly 
  • accept yourself as you are 
  • break away from self-sabotage 
  • achieve highest potential 

It will help you to understand

  • emotional & physical damage caused by inner hurt child 
  • effects of negative energetic charge of controlling parents 
  • why you feel helpless 
  • pattern of Guilt, shame, anxiety & low confidence 
  • reason behind habits of overthinking, procrastination & blaming  

In this book you will learn

  • know & embrace your inner child 
  • understand childhood programming & it’s effects on our adult life 
  • initiate reprogramming of hurt child 
  • consciously break away from self-destroying patterns 
  •  create a life of joy, intensity & wonder